Yea, sorry about that whole neglect thing.

I have been neglecting you my gentle reader(s). Now I realize that that kind of treatment has got to stop. So as a kind of belated new years resolution I promise to no longer neglect you…as much.

Here are some samples from my latest batch of beads. I can’t seem to stop swirling that darn glass around the mandrel. I just love how the glass runs together and mixes itself up when you begin the swirl. What you get in the end is usually a lovely surprise!

Debutant was born from an experiment with wedding colors. I am getting married in September and I know that I want orange in my wedding but I also LOVE Asiatic Lillis so I wanted to see if the Orange/Pink combo was going to be to much. Well, I do think it would be to much for the wedding but I still love this bead.

Fish Tales is an experiment with this new (well, new to me) kind of twistie. I call it Baleen twistie. I have no idea what its really called, or if it even has an official name. I am not very good at making twisties of any kind, and I envy those who can make them perfectly uniform. I still think the effect is pretty cool in this bead. It reminded me of Fish Bones.