Virtual Trunk Show

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is special engagement to showcase a collection of new or limited edition products for a very select group of people. Typically the artist or designer of the products is on hand to personally promote and describe the items. It is common for attendees to have the opportunity to purchase or order items during the event.

My Virtual Trunk Shows are based on this concept with the exception that there is no physical location to attend. I host my Virtual Trunk Shows on my Whitney Lassini Glass Facebook Group.

What’s the difference between a Facebook Page and Facebook Group?

In general, a Facebook “page” is designed to help advertise your business. Facebook expects the business to pay for this advertising, so it “controls” what followers of the page can see. 

With a group the member is more in control of what information they see. By default messages and posts in the group will be seen first in a users Facebook feed unless the user opts to stop receiving messages from the group. 

I use a group for my trunk shows so that members will see my posts first in the feed.