This is IT!

Well today is my day for the BIG BEAD SOUP REVEAL! Ta DAAAA! My Bead Soup partner was Tari Kahrs of Pearl and Pebble and she sent me the most wonderful mix of ingredients. The color theme of the ingredients was predominantly green. Green is not a color I normally work with so the challenge was on. I just had to get some orange in there somewhere, so I decided to try using copper wire instead of my usual silver and I just fell in love. Throw in some large carnelian rounds and the color combo is just to die for, if I do say so myself. Tari sent a couple different pieces that could be used as a focal so I picked the one that I thought best fit the color theme of the necklace. I have a bracelet and some earrings in the works with the rest of my ingredients but I just didn’t get time to finish them up before we went on vacation. You can read all about that on our New Lassini Light Works Blog.

Well I won’t hold you in suspense any longer….

50 thoughts on “This is IT!

  1. What a yummy soup to snack, I love how you used the copper to tie the whole thing together. The clasp and focal really go well together, I would so wear this piece in a heart beat, matches my wardrobe perfectly.

  2. Love it – Tari sent you a really nice soup, but I love even more what you did with it. Simple and wearable. The colors come out great with that copper wire. I would love to see what you will do with the rest….

  3. I love it Whitney!!! Your design is terrific and the copper and carnelian are fabulous! I hope you enjoy it:) Thanks for being a terrific partner in this round!!

  4. What a cool color combo! And, of course, I love the owl pendant! The copper wire goes great with the beads. Great job on your Bead Soup design!!


  5. That focal is gorgeous!! Love the colors you decided to incorporate. So very pretty!! I love the knot in that clasp too. Great job!

  6. love love love~ the colour combo of beads is great, I always adore copper, & I really like how you used some of the beads ‘sideways’ great piece

  7. I love the carnelian and green and you did a beautiful job with the copper wire wrapping. Using the clasp and focal together was genius.

  8. That was just delish! So spicey and warm. I love the fresh green color and the rich carnelian red. Really well done and yummy! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. Enjoy the day!

  9. Now this is really lovely! The copper gives depth to the greens and carnelian without overwhelming those colors! Fabulous piece that makes me drool!

  10. The colors really pop! Orange and green and copper, you have made a really beautiful piece. Love the clasp and owl bead in front.

  11. This should be used as a teaching example for working with color, so eye-pleasing, a real popper! I admire your wire work also and the use of copper. A stand-out piece!

  12. Thanks everyone for your great comments! I am in love with this one too! But I can’t take all the credit, I had a great soup partner that sent me some really cool stuff to work with! Thanks Tari!!!

  13. Just perfect — you nailed the colors! I love how the orange warms up the green without overwhelming it, and I think the copper was an awesome choice to “wrap” (heh) it all up. Just a beautiful piece!!

  14. This is just gorgeous! One of my favorite “soups” so far! Not only are the beads and focal beautiful, but you did a terriffic job pulling them together and using the copper wire. Very nice!

  15. I’m an orange girl, too, so I love that color combination. And the copper really makes the design sing!!! Love it!

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