Something to Blog about!

I am always torn about what to blog about. Do I blog strictly about my beads or do I blog about my personal life? I read a lot of blogs myself, and I find that the blogs I enjoy the most are a little about beads and a little about life. Although, too much life can sometimes turn me off, I need the eye candy!

I currently have several things on my list of “Things to Blog about”…go figure, when it rains it pours! The first is: My Bead Soup partner, Sharon Palac! I finally got a nice shot of all the goodies she sent me, I thought you might like to see them if you haven’t already checked them out on Flickr!

The second thing is, a CONTEST! My First EVER! The next group of beads I am posting to my Etsy store have all been named according to a common theme. Look at the beads below and post in the comments if you know the theme. The first one to get it right will win the bead named “Downtown”! Make sure you enter your email address so I can contact you! Good Luck!

Linda Paloma

Late for the Sky

The Pretender

Our Lady of the Well

Before the Deluge

Nothing But Time

Walking Slow

Colors of the Sun


8 thoughts on “Something to Blog about!

  1. Sorry Mary, that’s not the theme but thanks for guessing. You can guess as many times as you want. Here’s a hint: They are song titles…..

  2. They remind me of Mardi Gras! Especially the colors in walking slow and downtown. Love your beads Whitney! I get soooo many compliments. You truly have a gift! Don’t let those losers you work with tell you any different 😉

  3. YAY! Patrizia you are correct!

    Jackson Browne was one of my fathers favorite artists when I was growing up. So I grew up listening to his music. I now have all of his albums and still enjoy them to this day!

    Thanks for playing! Check back soon for another contest!

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