OH, how does my garden grow!

I love lilies! They are my most favorite flower. This spring I planted TONS of lilies in the raised beds next to our house, and now they are starting to open. I planted Calla Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Asiatic Lilies and one lone Hybrid Lily that I bought at Meijer. I even planted some exotic Electric Orange lilies that I bought off of the internet. Those have been slow to develop but I hope to see them soon!

lily garden

I have also thrown some Gladiolus and Pink Elephant Ear in the mix. The chipmunks managed to dig up all but ONE of my sun flower seeds. It is still pretty small, but I am hopeful that it will continue to grow. I hate chipmunks!

Tom Pouce This is a Tom Pouce Oriental Lily. It is HUGE. The petals are a beautiful soft pink with light yellow centers. ‘Tom Pouce’ is also the name of a Dutch pastry that uses yellow custard as it’s creamy center filling.
I think this one is called Expression. This particular bloom is kind of on its way out, but when it first opened the petals were mostly white with just a hint of pink. There are darker colored pink freckles on the petals. Expression
Callas Here are the Callas. They have been blooming for weeks now. They come up one color and as they age they change colors. So far I have gotten dark purple, yellow, orange and even some green ones. These flowers are really amazing.
My very first Stargazer just peeked out today! I will definitely be posting more pics of these beauties as they open! Stargazer

You can’t eat the Lilies but you can eat these…I got maters! Looks like we are going to have a bumper crop! The little orange ones are supposed to be grape tomatoes but they look more like Romas. The big green ones are Heirlooms or Beefsteaks…I probably won’t know for sure until I slice it open…I can’t wait!!
red maters

The brown dots on the leaves are from Tomato Blight. It is a kind of fungal infection that the plants sometimes get. We have been battling it for weeks with special spray. I think we have managed to slow the spread, but I fear our growing season will still be cut short by this insidious fungus!

huge green maters

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