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Spring Fever!!

Spring has always been my least favorite season. Here in Michigan spring takes its dear sweet time getting here. Winter always seems to loiter around way longer than it should. The weather begins to warm up only to reveal huge piles of dirty snow melting everywhere and a flat, cold, gray landscape. Blech!

I have developed a new workshop for Bead Quest to help get me and my students in the swing of spring! Spring Flower Power beads! I started making these to use as examples for the class, but now I just can’t seem to stop. They are just so colorful and fun, they really lift my spirits and put me a better mood. I am definitely ready to see some real flowers, but these bright cheerful beads will have to do for now.

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First on the scene!

I have my first two entries for the Spring Designer Challenge!

My very first entry is from Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs. If you like this bracelet you should stop by her Etsy Shop and 1000 Markets Storefront for more of her amazing designs.

Kim Forrer Designs

Some details about the piece:

Whitney Lassini focal bead
Faceted Labradorite stones
Amethyst Stones
Sterling Silver wire and spacer beads
Lapis Lazuli Bead Dangle to bring out the blue in the focal bead
Sterling Silver hand-forged abstract hook and eye clasp with Amethyst stone accent

The next entry comes from Luann Zanke Gilliland of LZG Beaded Designs. Her work is currently featured at a local gallery, Framing by CJ, in Bloomsburg, PA.

Some details about the piece:

“I was inspired by the colors and swirls of this bead. I used three different shades and textures of purples to capture the movement of colors swirling around in the bead. (Czech glass, Asian crystal, Greek ceramic spacers) I used the amber color as a complimentary accent color. I carried the swirl into the finished piece by incorporating a sterling silver swirl clasp.”

Thanks so much for sending in those entries! I can see that my judges over at Bead Quest are going to have their work cut out for them!

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2010 Spring Designer Challenge!

2010 Spring Designer Challenge Logo

Since the Bead Soup Party I have discovered that I really enjoy seeing what other people create using my beads. However, I just don’t get enough photos from designers showcasing my beads. So, I have decided to coax those great designers out of the woodwork with promises of FREE BEADS!

Here are the details of my 1st ever Spring Designer Challenge:

Submit a photograph of your handmade jewelry design that includes at least one of my original beads, and you could win one of three fabulous prizes! If you don’t already have a Whitney Lassini bead Buy One at my Etsy Store!

First Prize is a full set of Whitney Lassini Original Lampwork beads, including a signature focal and six accent beads!

Second Prize is four stunning Bubble Beads!

Third Prize is six Colorful Frit Accent Beads.

Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off coupon for anything in my Etsy store! You must first submit a contest entry in order to receive the coupon. Coupon is valid for future purchases only.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Use of Color

To enter, please send your 1000×1000 pixel photograph to and include the following required information:

Business Name
Preferred email address**
Short description of the piece

The following info is optional, but since I will be posting this to my blog I highly recommend it:
Website URL
Blog URL
Any information you would like to share about your shop (Etsy, Artfire, Physical shop address/phone, etc.)

Deadline for entries is Midnight April 30th 2010! Winners will be announced on May 16th 2010.

**By entering the contest you also agree to receive a periodic email newsletter from Whitney Lassini Lampwork. Don’t worry I am not a spammer and will not give your email address to ANYONE. I promise!

Rules ‘n junk…

Remember photography counts so submit your BEST color photographs! Photos must be cropped to 1000×1000 pixels. I may crop and/or compress the images a little to fit them on the blog page but the original image is the one that will be judged. Judging will be done by me and my good friends over at Bead Quest! If you are in the Grand Rapids area please stop in and check out the shop. They have a huge selection of fabulous beads and findings as well as some amazing classes for all skill levels!

Please only one entry per person. Don’t worry if you have more than one piece you want to enter, there will be another challenge!

The piece must be an original creation by you. No submitting photos of something you purchased from someone else. If you do know someone who creates cool jewelry with my beads please tell them about the challenge so they can have a chance to enter.

The piece must contain at least one Whitney Lassini original bead. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how long ago you purchased it, as long as its one of mine. Beads that were purchased from my previous shop “The Shard Gallery” are eligible too.

The piece must be considered jewelry in order to qualify. If you have something other than jewelry that you would like to enter please email me. If there is enough interest I may consider having a separate challenge for those items.


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OH, The Horror!

Something horrifying happened the other day.  A tragedy of mammoth proportion…

Several of my lovely goddesses have been living happily in my bead box for many months now…some even years. You see, these goddesses are bald, and thus have a much harder time finding a home than the girls with hair.

There they were, snuggled happily in my bead box on a table in the office, when Hubby went into the office looking for something.  That’s when I heard the loud crash followed by an OH NO! and some colorful expletives.  I ran to the office to find Hubby on the floor quickly scooping up beads and putting them back in the box. “I’m so sorry, I broke your beads” is all he said. Surely a fall of three feet onto the carpet couldn’t break my beads I thought, alas, I was wrong. While most of the beads survived the fall completely unharmed, my poor goddesses did not fair so well.

Unfortunately, not even one of them survived 🙁 Their little necks are very delicate and the box must have hit “Just So”. Hair would have certainly given their dainty necks more strength and quite possibly saved their lives. OH, the humanity!

But life must go on…so here are some new goddesses with STRONG NECKS and HAIR! Look for them on my Etsy site soon! They are part of my Muse Series

Euterpe (the ‘well-pleasing’): muse of music and lyric poetry

Terpsichore (the ‘[one who] delights in dance’): muse of choral song and dance

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Drum Roll Please…..

Ta Daaaa! Here it is, my Sharon Palac necklace! I had so much fun making this necklace. The glass accent beads were custom made just for this piece. I have already worn it to work and all the ladies (and even some of the guys) were drooling over it. Hope you Enjoy!

This Bead Soup project has been so inspiring, insightful, profitable and downright fun! I hope we do another one real soon. Here is the list of extraordinary designers that participated. Please visit as many blogs as you can!

Sharon, Sharon’s Jewelry Garden (My Partner)

Elizabeth, Turquoise Sky
Maire, Maire Dodd
Janet, Singing Woods
Eileen, Dorset Hill Beads
Julie, Miss Kitten’s Jewels
Joann, Jo’s Jewels

Patti, PJ Clark Designs
Mel, Kookie Designs
Erin, Every Heart Crafts
Dale, Flights of Fancy
Dee, Runako Designs

Lori, Pretty Things Blog (Our Host)
Mallory, For the Love of Beads
Terri, Blooming Ideas
Cindy, Sweet Bead Studio
Lorelei, Lorelei’s Blog: Inside the Studio
Kerry, Kab’s Creative Concepts
Erin, Treasures Found
Jeannette, Jeannette Blix Wire and Metal Jewelry

Adrienne, Adrienne Designs
Nan, Spirit Rattles
Laurel, Rue’s Daftique
Nancy, Beading From the Heart
Mary, MK’s Creative Musings
Cassie, The Glass Beadle
Dot, Winchell Clayworks

Lisa, Lo and Behold
Norma, Bead Dreams and Moonlit Fantaseas
Judith, Judith B.
Debbie, Prairie Emporium
Maria, Garden Path Beads

Leslie, Bei Mondi
Loretta, Designs by Loretta
Linda, Bella Bead Jewelry
Kathie, The Bead Cult
Patty, Plays With Fire
Nicki, Nicki’s Reef
Anne Marie, Heart’s Desire
Mary, Mary Harding Jewelry
Jayne, Mama’s Got to Doodle
Emanda, Artemesia’s Studio
Whitney, Whitney Lassini
Marcie, La Bella Joya
Suzann, Beadphoria
Jen, Jen Judd Rocks
Julie, Credit River Art Glass

Janiece, J Birds Garden
Kate, Organic Odysseys
Laurie, The Mermaid Tale
Michelle, My Crazy Crafty Adventure
Sue, Sue Beads
Janeen, Wild Vanilla Designs
Nancy, The Rabbit Muse
Kristie, Artisan Clay
Regina, Regina’s Writings

Tari, Pearl and Pebble
Lyn, Lyn Foley
Beth, Sunshine Daydreamz
Cathryn, Chile Cats

Emma, Fred Bean’s Nook
Connie, Cetta Cheese Chatter
Juli, Jul’s Beads
Julie, RockerJewlz
Libby, LibbyLeu and Glass Too
Melanie, Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Katie, My Life and My Beads
Zuleykha, Zuleykha’s Polymer Clay
Rekella, Me But a Little More in Depth
Ricki, What’s New at Ricki Voges Design
Lisa, Lucid Moon Studio
Jo, Daisychain Jewellery
Lynette, Rock Hill Designs
Lynne, Island Girl’s Insights
Chas, One Woman’s Haven
Ruthie, Rose Works Jewelry

Susan, Kaplan Creations Jewelry and Glass Design
Melissa, Melissa Meman: Art, Love, Life
Marianna, Pretty Shiny Things
Lisa, Joolz by Lisa
Cristi, 2 If By Sea
Sandra, Marbella Jewelry Design
Maria, Greene Earth Originals
Barbara, Jewelry of Distinction

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Something to Blog about!

I am always torn about what to blog about. Do I blog strictly about my beads or do I blog about my personal life? I read a lot of blogs myself, and I find that the blogs I enjoy the most are a little about beads and a little about life. Although, too much life can sometimes turn me off, I need the eye candy!

I currently have several things on my list of “Things to Blog about”…go figure, when it rains it pours! The first is: My Bead Soup partner, Sharon Palac! I finally got a nice shot of all the goodies she sent me, I thought you might like to see them if you haven’t already checked them out on Flickr!

The second thing is, a CONTEST! My First EVER! The next group of beads I am posting to my Etsy store have all been named according to a common theme. Look at the beads below and post in the comments if you know the theme. The first one to get it right will win the bead named “Downtown”! Make sure you enter your email address so I can contact you! Good Luck!

Linda Paloma

Late for the Sky

The Pretender

Our Lady of the Well

Before the Deluge

Nothing But Time

Walking Slow

Colors of the Sun

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More Bead Soup News

A little more about my Bead Soup partner Sharon Palac. Below is a Necklace from her Dryad Collection, Autumn Nymph. I love the earthiness of the colors and delicate complexity of the design. Truly a one of a kind piece. Her prices are extremely reasonable so check out her Etsy shop – Bijoux Jardin!

Just after I sent my beads out yesterday, I realized I didn’t take a picture of them. Dag-nabit! Well I dug through my archive and found a picture of the focal bead. I can’t wait to see what Sharon does with it. She emailed me yesterday and said “I hope you like rather flamboyant colors!” I do, I DO! I think I’ll go sit by the mailbox…;)

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Down to the wire…literally!

This weekend is Christmas Through Lowell and I have a booth at the Grand Volute Ballroom. So for the past few weeks I have been wire wrapping my little fingers right down to the nubs in order to build up enough jewelry inventory for TWO DAYS. Did I mention that it was for TWO DAYS! Yikes! I rarely do shows for this very reason. It takes a lot of work to build up enough inventory so that your table doesn’t look like a barren wasteland. My poor Etsy customers have not a seen a new bead on the site in weeks. Hang in there friends, I will be posting more beads as soon as this foolishness is over with! And to say thank you for hangin in there with me, I will upgrade everyone to Priority Shipping at no extra change!

Here are some photos of the jewelry I will have available at my booth this weekend. Maybe it will make it to Etsy someday…maybe…?

*These Calla Lily beauties were made with my favorite CIM (Creation is Messy) Colors, Crocus, Clockwork and Thai Orchid. The leaves are all Olive. I could write an entire post on how much I love CIM glass…maybe I will 😉