My New Studio!

My new studio is the cats pajamas! For those of you that saw my old studio you know that it was…well…it was kinda my whole house. The spare bedroom was taken over by glass. The den usually had mountains of various craft paraphernalia laying about. In the kitchen there was always a big tub of bead cleaning supply’s sitting right next to the sink, and the dining room table was rarely glimpsed beneath the sea of jewelry making supply’s. It was like living in Hobby Lobby.

But not anymore! Stefano has saved me from all that.  In my little basement bungalow I now have room to keep all of my craftys in one place. Everything is within arms reach. It is glorious.

Along the wall on the left is a table with enough room for shipping and handling stuff, an area for cleaning beads (we don’t have a sink in the basement yet) and a little photography area. I have my kiln on a rolling metal toolbox so it can be away from everything. My fan is a 877 cfm squirrel cage fan that vents to the back yard. The center table is for jewelry making and other crafts. And there’s plenty of storage for my jewelry making supply’s and of course more glass!