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A little more about my Bead Soup partner Sharon Palac. Below is a Necklace from her Dryad Collection, Autumn Nymph. I love the earthiness of the colors and delicate complexity of the design. Truly a one of a kind piece. Her prices are extremely reasonable so check out her Etsy shop – Bijoux Jardin!

Just after I sent my beads out yesterday, I realized I didn’t take a picture of them. Dag-nabit! Well I dug through my archive and found a picture of the focal bead. I can’t wait to see what Sharon does with it. She emailed me yesterday and said “I hope you like rather flamboyant colors!” I do, I DO! I think I’ll go sit by the mailbox…;)

1 thought on “More Bead Soup News

  1. OH MY DOG, I love that bead! The color is just scrumptious and yummy, I want to eat it! But of course, I won’t since that would ruin the party, and the Heimlich maneuver would be implemented…

    Whitney, take a look at my blog to guess which bead I sent you!

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