Mixology Part One & Two

I released my Mixology Tutorial Part One a few months ago and so far it has done pretty well. However, just recently I have had a couple people that were unhappy with the glass used in the tutorial and who also claimed that it was too basic. I reached out to Diane Woodall (Publisher of Soda Lime TImes) and asked her what she thought of the tutorial. She was very open and honest and gave me some of the best feedback I have ever gotten. After hearing her review, which wasn’t all positive. I decided to give Part Two of the tutorial to everyone that had purchased Part One, for FREE.


So, in a way it’s kinda ending up like a PRE-sale. Everyone who paid $15 for Part One will get Part Two for free and then the price of Part One and Part Two combined will be $20. Part Two will be released on Valentines Day!


You can check out the images from Part Two on the WhitneyLassiniGlass Facebook Page.

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