is this blog worthy…?

I wrote this blog entry quite some time ago and never posted it. I stumbled upon it today and figured I would share it with the world as is. I don’t know if its blog worthy, but it made me smile…maybe you will do the same?

I am kinda new to this blogging thing. The reason I have waited so long to jump on the band wagon is that I never felt like I had anything worthwhile to talk about (that anyone in their right mind would want to read). So now that I am home from the wonderment that is Italy, I am back in the same boat. Theres only one blog that I read on a regular basis and that is Sarah Horniks blog. It seems she always has something interesting to discuss in a delightfully witty way. I fear my fledgling blog will pale in comparison.

So last night I was cleaning the house and trying to come up with catchy headlines for what are sure to be delightfully witty blog entries. Some Examples: My Cat Sheds Kittens, What happened to my neighbors?, What’s that smell?,

A few things to note…I now regularly read several blogs and enjoy them very much.  (Sarah’s is still one of my favorites) I think that reading other blogs has inspired me to write more posts of my own. I figure that if I enjoy reading about a complete strangers life…then perhaps they would enjoy reading about mine!

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