I’m a teacher!

I taught my very first lampworking class this past Saturday! I taught the class at Bead Quest here in GR. I stopped in a few weeks back to inquire about selling some beads on consignment and found out that they were in need of a lampworking teacher. So I signed on. I was a bit nervous before the class, having never really taught anything to anyone in my life. But, once I got past the introductions I was cruising right along. It was actually quite fun. I found that I really enjoy teaching people something that I am truly passionate about. And I really REALLY enjoyed the pleasure my students got from watching the glass melt in the flame and turning that little glowing blob into a piece of wearable art. It was how I felt the first time I lit the torch. While I am still very passionate about making beads, that silly giddy feeling has long since faded…it was nice to see it again!

I am teaching my second class at Bead Quest on May 9th at 2pm. We will be making some simple etched glass beads. If you are in the area I would love to have you in my class.