I love Etsy!

I do, I am not lying! Not only do I sell on Etsy but I also try and shop on Etsy whenever I can.

I have some good friends that are expecting their first child in the next month or so and I wanted to give them something crafty and handmade. Unfortunately, beads do NOT make good baby gifts. I made several attempts at little bear shaped beads and I even tried to make a picture frame but nothing was coming out the way I really wanted it to.  Soooo I decided to do an Etsy search. If it wasn’t handmade by me at least it would be handmade by SOMEONE right??? Well I didn’t have to search long before I found the MOST ADORABLE little baby gift baskets at The Red Pistachio.

I don’t think my friends read my blog but if they do…Pep and Sarah check this out, this is what you are getting!

2 thoughts on “I love Etsy!

  1. Yay! I love the Red Pistachio! My friend owns the shop. I hope she is still making things for little ones by the time I finally have kids. So cute!!

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