Easter Sunday in Cuggiono!

I have decided to try out this blog thing while I am in Italy. My goal is to post pictures and information about my travels over the next two weeks. Eventually I will probably have some posts related to glass, but for now its about me in Italy! Which really means its about FOOD!

Since we have been here a couple of days and I am just getting this blog off the ground I am going to show several photos in this post.

The first photo is me drinking champagne in first class! First class was AWESOME I never want fly in the back of the bus again. We had real china plates and everything! The seats folded out flat into beds…it was glorious!

Champagne in First Class

This is a picture of the greatest cheese in the universe…Burrata! It looks like a white heart when you take it out of the package, then, when you cut into it, it bleeds sweet white cream and mozzarella cheese curds. It’s so delicious. (Stefano has told everyone that I like it, and I have eaten three so far. Goodbye bathroom, hello heart attack.)


This next picture is Easter Dinner, the FIRST course! There is salami, prosciutto, deviled eggs (Italian style), Russian salad, spinach pie (can’t remember the Italian name) lots of fresh bread and herb cream cheese. All this was followed by kid goat (yes baby goat, which I was a little nervous about) it was actually quite tasty! Easter Dinner

There is a small table by the wall at the top of the picture. On it sits a very special cheese cake that you can only get at easter and only from this one lady in town. It’s cheesecake made with Ricotta cheese and puffed wheat. It was amazing trust me!

Well thats about it for Easter Sunday. I did go to my first Italian Catholic Easter mass…that was interesting. Not to slam Italian Easter mass, to its credit its no more or less boring than US Easter mass. But the scenery was much nicer.


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  1. I sure hope you brought me back some cheese! I enjoyed your blog. The pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time! Anxious for ya’ll to visit and hear all about it! Love, Teri

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