Good Morning from 5 Terre

Good Morning from Cinque Terre. (Well kind of. Internet access was sketchy at best so I am loading all these from good ol’ Cuggiono) Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening exploring the town of Levanto [Lay-ven-toe] . It is really a beautiful seaside town. There is a really cool church that is made from white and black marble (its really dark green) there is also an old castle. For dinner we ate at the Osteria Tumelin (very expensive and mostly fish) Stefano was in Heaven and I was still hungry…

Today we are off to explore the five towns of Cinque Terre. There will be lots of walking and hiking…wish me luck and come back tomorrow for some more awesome photos!

Here are some pictures from the town of Levanto

They had REALLY nice public restrooms


Fascinating Wildlife


And beautiful fountains (Drinking Fountains that is)



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