Getting to the Core!

I did it, I finally bought the Nortel Bead Core Liner! It is really easy to use. After only a few “yuckies” I was able to make some pretty decent looking cored beads. I still need to refine my technique a bit. I haven’t figured out how to round the edges nicely and I think I need to polish them somehow to get the nice smooth shiny look, but so far I am quite happy with my new purchase.

I bought my silver tubing and bead caps from GinkoDesigns on Etsy.

Take a look at the results…first the “Yuckies”…

and here are the good ones…

1 thought on “Getting to the Core!

  1. Hi Whit!Are you going to be putting these beads on the web for sale? I would live to own a Whitney original for my bracelet. Also the blue lilly you did for your weding are you going to be selling that? Miss you and love your work

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