Gelato by the sea!

Our afternoon in Cinque Terre was just amazing! We took the train to the farthest town of Riomaggiore and began our hike back!


The trail started with Lovers Lane, a winding trail right along the edge of the shore cliffs with breathtaking scenery.


One story says that if you had grown tired of your lover you could simply push he/she off the trail to the rocks below. I made Stefano walk in front just in case;) Well, that’s just one story…mostly we saw lovers names scratched into just about everything that would stand still. Even the Agave and prickly pear cactus bore signs of everlasting love.


The trail was truly spectacular. After about an hour of hiking and photographing we made it into the town of Manarola. Very cute, quaint little town…we didn’t spend to much time there, we wanted to keep moving and enjoying the rocky coast of the Mediterranean sea.


Weeeeellll…while the first leg of the hike was easy and relatively flat, the second leg was anything but. The terrain got A LOT steeper and the path was reduced to mere rubble in some places. Good thing we had picked up our souvenir walking sticks at the welcome center. With a little teamwork we managed to keep from tumbling off the cliffs and eventually we made it into Corniglia (Cornelia) well, the back side of Corniglia. When we saw that in order to get into the town you basically had to climb the stairway to heaven, we decided to skip Corniglia and take the train directly to Vernazza!


Ok so we took the lazy way, but I’m a realist, there was no way my severely out-of-shape bod was going to make it up those stairs and I didn’t want to spend this beautiful afternoon being airlifted off the side of a mountain!

We eventually made it to the last town, Monterosso, where we had Gelato by the sea. We both agreed that it was a most amazing day!


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  1. HI Whitney,
    It’s Mistynites81 from Etsy. I am totally enjoying your blog. And laughing at your great comments. LOL Im sure you are getting great ideas to make focal beads for me when you get back. LOL Kidding. Have FUN! Ciao. Sandy

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