Christmas Through Lowell

This past weekend I was introduced to one of the most amazing events…Christmas Through Lowell. A recent Lowell transplant, I was not familiar with this yearly tradition, and was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon it quite haphazardly.

On my way home from work everyday I drive by the Lowell Arts Council. Being the artsy type that I am, I have always speculated on what wonders they had hidden away in there. Well, last Friday as I was driving by I noticed that there were people milling about inside as well as several cars parked out front. The open sign was in the window so I decided to take the plunge and finally check it out. Inside there was a virtual candy-land of arts and crafts. I LOVEĀ  ARTS AND CRAFTS! I love the thought of owning something that was made by hand, by a real human being, who put their heart and soul into it. That’s how I feel when I make my beads and jewelry. There was pottery and woodworking, paper and glass and best of all JEWELRY! The jewelry artist was Sue Clay. If she had a website I would post it but I can’t find one…but trust me, her jewelry is amazing. She makes pendants using Lake Michigan beach stones that she has drilled small holes in and wired together with Sterling Silver wire. Even though I make and wear my own jewelry most of the time I could not resist purchasing a few of her beautiful bobbles. As I was paying for my lovelies I noticed that some people were carrying little cards that looked like bingo cards. When I asked what they were for I was told that during the second weekend in November there is this event called Christmas Through Lowell, where local crafters and artisans all get together and open their houses and shops to theĀ  masses. There was even a cool little brochure with a map to all of the participating locations! I just about had a heart attack! …and the little bingo cards…you carry the card to each store and get a punch, when you have 16 punches you turn in your card to be entered in a drawing. How awesome is that?!

So Saturday morning I packed Stefano in the car and we went craft hunting! Alot of the stops along the Tour de Craft were right in peoples living rooms! There were also several churches and halls with multiple craft booths and food. I didn’t spend to much money but I did find several local shops that I will definitely visit again!

I have already sent an email to the Lowell Chamber of Commerce asking how to enter for next year!! I have to get in on this!