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I have been trying for months to perfect this “feather” technique with silver glass and I think I finally got it. I love the way that the color shifts from purple to light blue. I’m not sure if they are actually called feathers but that’s kinda what they look like to me.

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I have a dilemma…

I am hosting a Spring Jewelry party on May 2nd for some of my friends. I will be setting up and photographing my jewelry displays so I can be ready for the application to enter Christmas Through Lowell, which is due in June. I will also be selling some stuff, but that is not nearly as important as preparing for such a prestigious event. So, my dilemma…I love to make beads, I could make them all day, and when I make an especially cool one I really want to photograph it and put it up for sale on my Etsy site as soon as possible. Buuuut, I am having a JEWELRY party . I actually need to have jewelry at my “jewelry” party. I have to take my especially cool bead and turn it into a piece of jewelry, but then it is such a cool piece of jewelry that I want to keep it for myself…do you see my dilemma???

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I’m a teacher!

I taught my very first lampworking class this past Saturday! I taught the class at Bead Quest here in GR. I stopped in a few weeks back to inquire about selling some beads on consignment and found out that they were in need of a lampworking teacher. So I signed on. I was a bit nervous before the class, having never really taught anything to anyone in my life. But, once I got past the introductions I was cruising right along. It was actually quite fun. I found that I really enjoy teaching people something that I am truly passionate about. And I really REALLY enjoyed the pleasure my students got from watching the glass melt in the flame and turning that little glowing blob into a piece of wearable art. It was how I felt the first time I lit the torch. While I am still very passionate about making beads, that silly giddy feeling has long since faded…it was nice to see it again!

I am teaching my second class at Bead Quest on May 9th at 2pm. We will be making some simple etched glass beads. If you are in the area I would love to have you in my class.

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Yea, sorry about that whole neglect thing.

I have been neglecting you my gentle reader(s). Now I realize that that kind of treatment has got to stop. So as a kind of belated new years resolution I promise to no longer neglect you…as much.

Here are some samples from my latest batch of beads. I can’t seem to stop swirling that darn glass around the mandrel. I just love how the glass runs together and mixes itself up when you begin the swirl. What you get in the end is usually a lovely surprise!

Debutant was born from an experiment with wedding colors. I am getting married in September and I know that I want orange in my wedding but I also LOVE Asiatic Lillis so I wanted to see if the Orange/Pink combo was going to be to much. Well, I do think it would be to much for the wedding but I still love this bead.

Fish Tales is an experiment with this new (well, new to me) kind of twistie. I call it Baleen twistie. I have no idea what its really called, or if it even has an official name. I am not very good at making twisties of any kind, and I envy those who can make them perfectly uniform. I still think the effect is pretty cool in this bead. It reminded me of Fish Bones.

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I’m Back!

I’m making beads again FINALLY! With the house on the market and the studio all set up I just ran out of excuses not to be at the torch. That’s a good thing! I have been working with a new swirl technique, well its not really new, I have used the technique before but never with such pleasing results. Have a look at My Etsy site and check out the new beadies.

I am also working on some new Beadie Babies (unofficial name) I am kind of nervous about sharing them with the world cuz I don’t want anyone to copy them. But nothing ventured nothing gained right? I am still perfecting the technique and working on putting little shoes on them or little things in their hands but here is my latest one. Look for them on Etsy soon!


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I have decided to do a set of goddesses based on the 9 muses of Greek mythology:

  • Calliope (the ‘beautiful of speech’): chief of the muses and muse of epic or heroic poetry
  • Clio (the ‘glorious one’): muse of history
  • Erato (the ‘amorous one’): muse of love or erotic poetry, lyrics, and marriage songs
  • Euterpe (the ‘well-pleasing’): muse of music and lyric poetry
  • Melpomene (the ‘chanting one’): muse of tragedy
  • Polyhymnia or Polymnia (the ‘[singer] of many hymns’): muse of sacred song, oratory, lyric, singing and rhetoric
  • Terpsichore (the ‘[one who] delights in dance’): muse of choral song and dance
  • Thalia (the ‘blossoming one’): muse of comedy and bucolic poetry
  • Urania (the ‘celestial one’): muse of astronomy

I am posting the first one out on Etsy today. She is Thalia: Muse of comedy and bucolic poetry. I think she came out really nice. Her body is a DEEP purple color and she has multi colored hair.