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A new home!

My little beads now have a new home at the Fire and Water Art Gallery in Lowell. It is a lovely gallery featuring 25 local artists working in every medium imaginable. There are paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, textiles…you name it! The gallery is literally full from floor to ceiling of cool things to look at and interact with.

I will be working at the gallery a couple Saturdays a month as part of my artist contract. My first day was this past Saturday and what fun it was. I have been working in a cube with computer nerds for the past 12 years so it was nice to be able to chat with all kinds of people about all kinds of art. I will be there again this Saturday learning the day to day stuff and showing off more beads.

I am really looking forward to getting more involved with the artistic community of our little town and learning about different mediums. Who knows, I might just take up painting…..

Here’s a picture of my display. I took it with my iPhone so it’s not the best. I will bring the big camera this weekend and get a better shot.






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The tip of the BEADburg

I imagine that the dude in the crows nest of the Titanic looked down at that iceburg and thought “Holy $hit! That’s alot of ice!” …I think I know how he feels! I have been working furiously over the past month (plus) to put together enough stock for my upcoming show at Bead Quest. Considering I am working a full time job and only making beads at night, I think I have a pretty respectable inventory. Every time I look over at my stash I think “Holy $hit! That’s alot of beads!

Here’s the tip of the BEADburg. These two remind me of Belly Dancers so I named them accordingly!

…and here is what lies just beneath the surface…

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Free Advertising

A couple months ago I had my first ever Spring Designer Challenge. I gave away some great beads sets for first second and third place. I only had three entries so everyone who entered got a prize, how cool is that!

During the process I also learned that not everyone has the competitive spirit that I do, and some people are just not comfortable with putting their work out there for others to scrutinize. I’m cool with that, but here is a little food for thought…maybe you are not comfortable showing your work, maybe you are worried that someone will steal your ideas or maybe you are just plain shy. However, if you ever plan to sell your work to more than just your friends and family, you need to get over that and work the Internet! It’s FREE, anyone can use it, but it will only work if you work IT. Every time someone mentions your name or posts a link to your site that’s a little bit of free search engine love. But, you have to get out there and bring in the links they will not come to you. That is really what my challenge was designed to do. To give other artists a chance to advertise themselves on my blog as well as getting a little attention for my own beads.

The following is some FREE advertising!!!!

Kim Forrer of Kim Forrer Designs won first place in the challenge! She just recently sent me pictures of the pieces she made with the beads that she won. They are just spectacular. I really love seeing what others have done with my beads. I don’t consider myself much of a jewelry designer so it’s really exciting to see my beads used in new and interesting ways that I would never have thought of!

This is the set of beads that Kim won:

and here is what she made with them:

Thanks Kim, for sharing those images with me!

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This is IT!

Well today is my day for the BIG BEAD SOUP REVEAL! Ta DAAAA! My Bead Soup partner was Tari Kahrs of Pearl and Pebble and she sent me the most wonderful mix of ingredients. The color theme of the ingredients was predominantly green. Green is not a color I normally work with so the challenge was on. I just had to get some orange in there somewhere, so I decided to try using copper wire instead of my usual silver and I just fell in love. Throw in some large carnelian rounds and the color combo is just to die for, if I do say so myself. Tari sent a couple different pieces that could be used as a focal so I picked the one that I thought best fit the color theme of the necklace. I have a bracelet and some earrings in the works with the rest of my ingredients but I just didn’t get time to finish them up before we went on vacation. You can read all about that on our New Lassini Light Works Blog.

Well I won’t hold you in suspense any longer….

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And the Winner is…

A huge Thank You to the three very talented ladies who entered my first ever Spring Designer Challenge. It was not easy to pick a winner from the three gorgeous entries, but knowing that everyone was getting a prize made it a little less painful.

Without further ado, the First Place Winner is KIM FORRER of Kim Forrer Designs! Kim entered an amazing bracelet she calls “Dream a little Dream”. The stunning bracelet was made using a bead of mine called “Midsummers Night”. We loved Kim’s use of color, her cool homemade clasp and her awesome photography. Kim has won a complete set of Whitney Lassini lampwork beads including one focal and six accent beads.

Kim Forrer Designs

Second place goes to CRISTI CLOTHIER of 2 if by Sea. Cristi sent in a truly amazing necklace made with my focal bead called “Garden Variety”. I really love the colors she used in this piece and how she paired the dainty flower beads with Swarovski crystals. Cristi has won four fun Bubble Beads.

And last but definitely not least is Luann Zanke Gilliland of LZG Beaded Designs! Luann submitted a gorgeous necklace using a cool focal of mine called “Gospel”. I love the cool colors and the interesting beads she used in her piece. Luann has won six funky frit beads!

All three will also get 10% off their next order from my Etsy Shop!

Thanks again to all the ladies who entered the challenge! I really enjoy seeing what others do wtih my beads! I hope to have another challenge in the fall so get those designs ready and check back in a few months!

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Spring Designer Challenge – Final Entry!

I must apologize for the delay on this post! I received the third and final entry for the Spring Designer Challenge on April 29th and I still have not posted it. Well here you go! The final entry comes from Cristi Clothier of 2 if By Sea. Look for more of her beautiful jewelery in her Etsy Store

Stay tuned I will announce the winners of the challenge on May 16th!

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Spring Designer Challenge Reminder

The deadline to enter your pictures for the Spring Designer Challenge is just around the corner! Friday April 30th is the last day to send in those pics! So far, I only have two entries for the contest. It’s my very first challenge…I guess I can’t expect tooo much 😉 If no one else enters I will split the Third Place Prize between the two entries.

If you have ever made a piece of jewelry with one of my beads, and you happen to have a picture of it, and you happen to send it in it before April 30th at Midnight, you are GUARANTEED a prize!!! C’mon its so easy!!


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Getting to the Core!

I did it, I finally bought the Nortel Bead Core Liner! It is really easy to use. After only a few “yuckies” I was able to make some pretty decent looking cored beads. I still need to refine my technique a bit. I haven’t figured out how to round the edges nicely and I think I need to polish them somehow to get the nice smooth shiny look, but so far I am quite happy with my new purchase.

I bought my silver tubing and bead caps from GinkoDesigns on Etsy.

Take a look at the results…first the “Yuckies”…

and here are the good ones…

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Spring Fever!!

Spring has always been my least favorite season. Here in Michigan spring takes its dear sweet time getting here. Winter always seems to loiter around way longer than it should. The weather begins to warm up only to reveal huge piles of dirty snow melting everywhere and a flat, cold, gray landscape. Blech!

I have developed a new workshop for Bead Quest to help get me and my students in the swing of spring! Spring Flower Power beads! I started making these to use as examples for the class, but now I just can’t seem to stop. They are just so colorful and fun, they really lift my spirits and put me a better mood. I am definitely ready to see some real flowers, but these bright cheerful beads will have to do for now.