Wedding inspired jewelry

I wanted to make something really cool and very unique for my bridesmaids to wear during the wedding. My flowers for the wedding are Orange Asiatic Lilies and Calla Lilies so I started there. The glass Asiatic lilies came out OK but just didn’t look “right” and many of them lost petals in the kiln. So, I moved on to the Calla Lilies…whoo hoo these came out beautiful and they are pretty easy to make. I have been making alot of orange ones for the wedding but this purple one is my absolute FAVE-O-RITE! I have it listed it in my Etsy shop. It is strung on a sterling silver cable with a very strong magnetic clasp. I kinda hate to part with it but I gotta pay for this glass addiction somehow. I will be constructing the bridesmaids necklaces this week. Check back for pics of those.

Purple Calla Lily Necklace

Purple Calla Lily Necklace

Spring Jewelry Party has Sprung!

I had my second annual Spring Jewelry Party this past Saturday. I originally just wanted to set up all my jewelry so I could get some good photos of my set up for the Christmas Through Lowell application. But I figured I might as well make some money in the process! I didn’t have a huge turnout but I was pretty happy none-the-less. I have found that the parties are a little more personal with fewer people. I think the girls were pretty happy with their purchases and I was very happy with the sales! Here’s a great picture of my display…

I have a dilemma…

I am hosting a Spring Jewelry party on May 2nd for some of my friends. I will be setting up and photographing my jewelry displays so I can be ready for the application to enter Christmas Through Lowell, which is due in June. I will also be selling some stuff, but that is not nearly as important as preparing for such a prestigious event. So, my dilemma…I love to make beads, I could make them all day, and when I make an especially cool one I really want to photograph it and put it up for sale on my Etsy site as soon as possible. Buuuut, I am having a JEWELRY party . I actually need to have jewelry at my “jewelry” party. I have to take my especially cool bead and turn it into a piece of jewelry, but then it is such a cool piece of jewelry that I want to keep it for myself…do you see my dilemma???