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Arrivederci Murano!

Well my classes are over and we are back home in Milano. I had a great time in Murano and learned a lot.


There was quite a cultural mix in our classes. There were folks from Australia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland just to name a few. Most folks had been there since the beginning and they had quite a little family going. I felt like that weird cousin from Iowa that no one has seen in years but has to be nice to 😉 There were Minor torches set up for everyone and it was a treat to be working with tanked oxygen again. I have one oxygen concentrator at home, and don’t get me wrong I love it, but it just doesn’t have the UMPF that you get from tanked oxygen. I was cooking the crap out of everything at first. Thanks to Quinton for bringing a veritable Vegas buffet of glass to choose from. I didn’t even get to use most of the colors I picked out. So I placed a huge glass order to make up for it!


Making use of some of Sarah’s techniques I was able to make some pretty cool beads. I probably won’t sell ‘em cuz they are near and dear to my heart but I will make some cool ones using the techniques that I learned as soon as I get home.