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Please pardon the mess!

If you hadn’t noticed, I am in the process of doing a complete overhall of my blog! I hope you like the new look and feel of the site. I will be adding some new shopping features to sell my tutorials. No I am not leaving Etsy. I love the Etsy community and you cannot beat the selling features and exposure that site brings.

Please bear with me as I go through this transformation, I truly think that you will like the results!

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is this blog worthy…?

I wrote this blog entry quite some time ago and never posted it. I stumbled upon it today and figured I would share it with the world as is. I don’t know if its blog worthy, but it made me smile…maybe you will do the same?

I am kinda new to this blogging thing. The reason I have waited so long to jump on the band wagon is that I never felt like I had anything worthwhile to talk about (that anyone in their right mind would want to read). So now that I am home from the wonderment that is Italy, I am back in the same boat. Theres only one blog that I read on a regular basis and that is Sarah Horniks blog. It seems she always has something interesting to discuss in a delightfully witty way. I fear my fledgling blog will pale in comparison.

So last night I was cleaning the house and trying to come up with catchy headlines for what are sure to be delightfully witty blog entries. Some Examples: My Cat Sheds Kittens, What happened to my neighbors?, What’s that smell?,

A few things to note…I now regularly read several blogs and enjoy them very much.  (Sarah’s is still one of my favorites) I think that reading other blogs has inspired me to write more posts of my own. I figure that if I enjoy reading about a complete strangers life…then perhaps they would enjoy reading about mine!

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Why are comments closed you ask?

Short answer…EVIL SPAMMERS!!! I get several messages everyday that someone has posted a comment on my blog. I get so excited (well I used to) that someone is actually reading this thing, until I read the comment which usually looks something like this:

?????? ?? bk????????? ???

With a link to some weird site and email address. Sorry I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have recently upgraded my version of WordPress which is supposed to alleviate this kind of spam. If so then I will turn comments back on. But until then if you want to comment just shoot me an email and hopefully it won’t get stuck in my spam filter! HA!

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Coolest Thing Ever!

I just have to blog about this real quick and then I am off to make some beads. I’m kinda getting into this blog thing…scary.

I saw these when we were in Italy but I guess they have them everywhere since I just found tons of them on Amazon. PURSES HANGERS! Some of you may be thinking “Duh, those are so last season” but I am always a few seasons behind so bear with me. If you haven’t heard of them…these little gadgets hang on the edge of a table with a little hook hanging down that you suspend your purse from. No more kicking your purse under the table on the dirty, nasty, wet and gross bar room floor. No more piles of purses on top of the table to spill drinks on! What a Concept!

Check out Amazon they have a whole bunch. I saw them in a restaurant in Milano and I made Stefano take me shopping all over the place to find them. He asked a very nice lady in a SUPER expensive purse shop where to find them and she gave me a free one! Its so good to have a man that speaks Italian.

OK, Off to make beads!