Blame it on the bathroom

Well, again I am seriously behind on my blogging. Today I would like to explain why. It’s all the bathroom’s fault. As you know I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and begun the arduous process of putting my old house up for sale. I made a List of “small” tasks that needed to be done in order for me to feel comfortable listing my house. It’s a pretty tough market out there and I wanted my house to look its best.  The List was a bit long, but I figured I could get most of it done in just a few weeks. Turns out that was a pretty aggressive time line. Everything was going pretty well at first, until I found out about the termites. Yep termites…lots of em. Well the bite of the exterminator bill soon squashed any hopes of new carpet, so I called the carpet cleaners and tried to get back on schedule. The following weeks we painted, cleaned, patched and vacuumed. I took vacation and my Mom even came for a whole week to help. However, I didn’t know the List was a magic. When you cross an item off the List it causes three more to be added to the List, thus pushing everything farther down…and down and down…

A quick observation: You never know how much stuff you really have until you move. I could swear people from the neighborhood were breaking in at night and actually leaving their stuff in my house. Seriously, I had A LOT of stuff. I decided I would have a garage sale. I started gathering stuff together that I didn’t really need but still had some monetary value. I began giving things away to my friends when they came over… “Hey nice to see you, I’d like you to have this bicycle helmet and old scanner!” really, it was just like that. In the end, I decided that I do not have the temperament for garage sales and called Goodwill.

Anyway, the bathroom…after several more weeks I can at least see the end of the List, and the last thing on it is, Upstairs Bathroom (ominous music). I bought the house with the bathroom in less than perfect shape with the good intentions of fixing it up one day. Well, as it turns out, that day is today.bathroom-before-1.jpg



After realizing that we are not plumbers, and that going to trade school at this late date might be futile, we called a professional. Now the tub has been temporarily relocated so we can fix the gaping hole in the floor. When that is done the plumber will come back and put everything back together and install the new vanity! Once the bathroom is done the house will be ready for public eyes. I hate to say it, but the house looks better now than it did the entire four and half years I lived in it. It’s funny what we can live with and look at everyday, but really don’t want others to know about.

hahaha…I didn’t read my previous post before I wrote this one. I love the line in post that reads “I’ll do what I have to to get it sold, and that’s it!”hahahahaha…turns out “do what I have to” is ALOT more than I thought…hahaha (crazed scary laughter bordering on sobbing)