An Evening in Lainate

OK, I’m a little behind on my blogging so I am going to backtrack a little bit. Yesterday afternoon we went to Lainate ([lay-nah-tay] a suburb Milano) to visit with Stefano’s very best friends. They made lasagna, and OMG I will never eat American lasagna again. It was spectacular! The noodles were very thin and layered with a white béchamel sauce and thin meat and tomato mixture. (Sorry I didn’t take a picture) Then we had roasted turkey with potatoes, various cheeses, a Sicilian ice cream cake and chopped strawberries in a sweet sauce. OMG I almost burst! After dinner we went for a waddle to a park near the house. Here are some pictures form the park.

Milano Park Castle

The castle in Milano park.

Virgin Fountain

The Virgin Fountain – They used to sacrifice virgins here…or so they say, I wasn’t worried.

Cool Cloud

A cool cloud we saw on the way home from Milano. Stefano was convinced it was a funnel cloud and that we were seeing the first ever tornado in northern Italy.

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