A new home!

My little beads now have a new home at the Fire and Water Art Gallery in Lowell. It is a lovely gallery featuring 25 local artists working in every medium imaginable. There are paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, textiles…you name it! The gallery is literally full from floor to ceiling of cool things to look at and interact with.

I will be working at the gallery a couple Saturdays a month as part of my artist contract. My first day was this past Saturday and what fun it was. I have been working in a cube with computer nerds for the past 12 years so it was nice to be able to chat with all kinds of people about all kinds of art. I will be there again this Saturday learning the day to day stuff and showing off more beads.

I am really looking forward to getting more involved with the artistic community of our little town and learning about different mediums. Who knows, I might just take up painting…..

Here’s a picture of my display. I took it with my iPhone so it’s not the best. I will bring the big camera this weekend and get a better shot.






2 thoughts on “A new home!

  1. How wonderful! This sounds a lot like the Gallery Q where I am an exhibiting member. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by artists when I spend all day every day on the opposite end of the spectrum. My gallery has been very good to me, and I had my own solo exhibit for 8 weeks this past summer. Your display is beautiful. Did they provide that glass structure for you? or did you bring that in? We are adding new artists to our gallery and the jewelry display is at a premium. We are in need of some more like this.
    Enjoy the day!

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