2010 Spring Designer Challenge!

2010 Spring Designer Challenge Logo

Since the Bead Soup Party I have discovered that I really enjoy seeing what other people create using my beads. However, I just don’t get enough photos from designers showcasing my beads. So, I have decided to coax those great designers out of the woodwork with promises of FREE BEADS!

Here are the details of my 1st ever Spring Designer Challenge:

Submit a photograph of your handmade jewelry design that includes at least one of my original beads, and you could win one of three fabulous prizes! If you don’t already have a Whitney Lassini bead Buy One at my Etsy Store!

First Prize is a full set of Whitney Lassini Original Lampwork beads, including a signature focal and six accent beads!

Second Prize is four stunning Bubble Beads!

Third Prize is six Colorful Frit Accent Beads.

Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off coupon for anything in my Etsy store! You must first submit a contest entry in order to receive the coupon. Coupon is valid for future purchases only.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Use of Color

To enter, please send your 1000×1000 pixel photograph to DesignerChallenge@Lassini.com and include the following required information:

Business Name
Preferred email address**
Short description of the piece

The following info is optional, but since I will be posting this to my blog I highly recommend it:
Website URL
Blog URL
Any information you would like to share about your shop (Etsy, Artfire, Physical shop address/phone, etc.)

Deadline for entries is Midnight April 30th 2010! Winners will be announced on May 16th 2010.

**By entering the contest you also agree to receive a periodic email newsletter from Whitney Lassini Lampwork. Don’t worry I am not a spammer and will not give your email address to ANYONE. I promise!

Rules ‘n junk…

Remember photography counts so submit your BEST color photographs! Photos must be cropped to 1000×1000 pixels. I may crop and/or compress the images a little to fit them on the blog page but the original image is the one that will be judged. Judging will be done by me and my good friends over at Bead Quest! If you are in the Grand Rapids area please stop in and check out the shop. They have a huge selection of fabulous beads and findings as well as some amazing classes for all skill levels!

Please only one entry per person. Don’t worry if you have more than one piece you want to enter, there will be another challenge!

The piece must be an original creation by you. No submitting photos of something you purchased from someone else. If you do know someone who creates cool jewelry with my beads please tell them about the challenge so they can have a chance to enter.

The piece must contain at least one Whitney Lassini original bead. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how long ago you purchased it, as long as its one of mine. Beads that were purchased from my previous shop “The Shard Gallery” are eligible too.

The piece must be considered jewelry in order to qualify. If you have something other than jewelry that you would like to enter please email me. If there is enough interest I may consider having a separate challenge for those items.


7 thoughts on “2010 Spring Designer Challenge!

  1. Count me in! Just found you and your beads are phenomenal!!! I’ll need one or 2 of them to start my challenge piece. How do I go about getting the 10% off to purchase some today?

  2. Actually the 10% coupon is good for future purchases only. Good for one year after the contest. I will change the rules to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I sell primarily on Etsy but I also have some beads on consignment at Bead Quest in Grand Rapids(MI) if you are local.

    Here’s my Etsy store WhitneyLassini.Etsy.com. If you don’t see something you like please check back I will be adding more beads over the next couple weeks!

    I just realized I didn’t put a link in the blog post…DUH!!!

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